We experienced the violence of September 11th, 2001. It took place less than a year after the twin towers fell on Pier 7 in New York. The September 11th attacks took many lives. In the aftermath of this unprecedented event, we as a country, and in the world as a whole, had an opportunity to re-reflect upon our values, and to make some great personal and business decisions that would positively impact many future generations.

However, instead of doing that, the events of September 11th continue to visit us, because we in turn, are the casualties of that violence. You see, we’ve been paying less than total attention to our collective values, and to our collective actions, and in that process we’ve been sacrificing our future generations, and our future world, and our future planet.

The events of September 11th were totally predictable and inevitable. No one escape unscathed. At the time, we conceived and created a world that was against our best interests in the long run. So in the instance of the previous global financial crisis, once again people have been forced to tighten up their belt to reinforce the illusion that there is an abundant supply of all the things one might want from this world. Developing a willingness and an ability to see the symbolism – in the effects of the demands we have placed on others as well as ourselves – of these events has been essential in helping us identify our true priorities.

So the question is not whether we will also experience similar tragedies in the future. It is whether we are making them occur. I believe that now is the time to admit that it’s time to take a bow to the victims of the September 11th attack and take an act of compassion and benevolence, such as sheltering victims and families, donating money and goods to further meet the needs of those less fortunate, and generally wreckingALLof the world’s expectations of how life should unfold. Not only do we owe it to our future generations to give back to the world and make it a better place for all; it is our responsibility to gain true meaning in our lives each and every moment, and then live our lives as examples of what being here really means.

It is never too late to start, to see the effects of gentleness and compassion, to stop and question whether it’s worth the sacrifice of the cost of a second of your precious time, to engage in some rest and reflection. To learn how to unconditionally love of both yourself and others. To change our humble stance towards the world and ourselves, and begin to replace that outlook with a far more forward-looking spirituality of unity and sharing.

As Americans, we need to re-evaluate and do battle with some of the various struggles of this country, both globally and within our nation personally. We need to throw off the game of viewing the world as an enemy, plainly without humanity, and the Church has a role to play in this. We are not the “pokerlounge99,” and we certainly are not separate from the people or forces of this nation. We are the Church. We must accept the world, and in doing so allow situations that would not bring honor to the name of God to be allowed out of our country – whether these are activities that are legal in other countries, or are viewed as a matter of fair play. As Americans, we haveFirstandSecondFeast – we’re the only people to ever have First and Second Feasts on that date in history, (which in modern times is considered an affront to Western civilization – but do note that our forefathers did more than wait for the coming of the Messiah – they actually acknowledged the Lord’s coming!?) We must begin to practice first leading a life with a First shaky and Second, Fourth and Fifth… They have passed. They have passed. America is a great and powerful nation, but it is not what it used to be. It has placed over grown influence in the world, and begun to Wisconsin to take its rightful place as a compassionate and caring nation that devoted large portions of its wealth to the betterment of other nations and the lives of those who dwell on that land. The history of America is a history of forethought, and more specifically, a history of compassionate and caring actions. We cannot let that history happen again. We must become willing to stand up by fighting for the lives of every creature. We must make war for life and fight for the lives of this nation.

We need to stand together to fight for the lives of our children. The future generations won’t have to cope with this lack of greatness. There are millions of Middle Eastern people, who are being nurtured right now, and yet we still manage, even now as we sit down and take vacations, to avoid those individuals.