How to Make Money at Online Poker – Free Tips

Playing poker whether it is online or offline most likely contains the same amount of skill involved in the kind of games that were played in the past. Whether you play offline or online poker, you require being able to read your opponent in order to catch a good hand. Being able to do this is what makes poker what it is. Fortunately, the internet has made it possible for anyone to finally learn how to make money at online poker.

Many beginners to online poker tend to either find an easier game or get discouraged and give up as soon as they have put a hand to the table. The truth is that both of these things are not really wrong; it is just that a beginner should not make any big promises right away. Once a person has tried a few tables and is still not quite sure what to do, it is time to move on and write a letter to the poker world.

A good way to get exposure is to play in freeroll tournaments. These takes place when certain poker sites offer freeroll tournaments with prizes such as store credit and a slot machine. This is a great way to clear your pocket that you can use to start playing. Before you know it you will have a decent bankroll and be ready to play for some afapoker tournament tickets or a chance to play in the WSOP.

Keep in mind that you want to play online Texas Hold Em freerolls as they are going to have a low buy-in. This is a great way to dip your toe into the water as even though you may lose, you can always buy back in for another shot at the big money.

You can also earn a free ticket to the WSOP through a satellite tournament. Net players can participate in tournaments such as the Points Tournaments and try to earn their way into the WSOP. This takes place every month and the walks away with enough points to enter into the tournaments with the most prestigious poker tournaments.

These types of tournaments are not ones that you can join every day of the week. Most of the times they are held only at certain times of the day. Yet even if they are held less frequently, a good player can still qualify for one. One thing to keep in mind is that you need to have a good poker hand to be able to win the satellite ticket.

There are plenty of freerolls of the type that you can take advantage of. Some of these tournaments have thousands of players, all fighting to get into the final table. Others are much smaller, only having around 1000 to 1500 participants. As long as you can build your bankroll up enough, you should have no problem moving up to the higher level tournaments. They get harder after every level up until your bankroll can’t raise anymore.

Satellites as mentioned in the beginning offer you a chance to win a lot of cash prizes. The only problem is that you have to invest more money in order to be able to pay for the buy-in into the event that you want to win. If you are a good player, you can definitely land yourself a good paying job for only spending a fraction of the money.

Even for the best poker players in the world, losing is a part of the game. The best thing you can do now is to learn when you are going to be making those bad beats, and learn how to deal with them.

Every Poker Player Has to Start at the Beginning

Every poker player should know that you have to start playing before you can really say that you are an advanced poker player. The trick is to start playing when you are still a beginner. You have to learn by doing. If you think that the game is easy then the truth is that it isn’t. If you think that the game is easy and uninteresting you will spend less time on it and will know precisely the rules.

Start playing with low stakes. You have to start with low-stake games, sometimes the stakes are so low that you can see 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-0. And this is the starting place of every poker player. You have to learn precisely the fundamentals of poker, if you want to become a good poker player.

If you see a situation in which you need a large amount of funds you should not use it to just test the poker variant. Use those funds to build a bankroll the size of which is suitable for the game you want to be part of. If you want to be part of the World Series of Poker you should play on the higher levels. Every time you play you should increase your stack by some amount.

The majority of leaks in poker happen because of the lack of focus. If you have the desire to become a good poker player you should fight all the odds and learn every lesson you can get at every time you can. You lose if you don’t. Read some books, watch some videos, login to the net with a lot of money and play tens of tables at once. When you play for no limits enter the tournament you will win the game all the time if you are in a good place.

If you want to be in a position where you win a lot of money every time you should be playing in wild servers, play in as many tables as possible, be aggressive and be aware of all the odd possibilities. Also, when you play in the low buy-in servers, you can afford to lose and should not wait to win.

There is no exactible formula to become a good poker player. You can only teach yourself. When you play from the beginning to the end and you learn your lesson you will be a good poker player. Your memory will Forget all the things that you have learned. You will repeat and play your anniversary. But, there are only rare experiences. I remember a lot of players who played every hour and never won a game. From the beginning of poker to now, the same poker strategy will not help you to win a game. If you think that the reason for that is because the other players are not experienced. Think about it, if you are not winning because of your strategy why do you think you will be better after playing for a long time on your own.

Sometimes you can prematurely end a tournament because it is a bonus game and you see that you lost a big all-in with some hands. Or you can see that you got a small hand with a strange board and make a bet in hopes to get a free card to make a real hand. Most often you will not get a free card. Sometimes you will, but only just to hang on and lose another big all-in or less. It’s scary to see other people who do the same thing even if they don’t explain it to you.

Before you go on and learn more Texas Hold em tricks and secrets visithttp:// Tip: Beginner’s Paradise by DonBACKS To win at Hold’Em is an interesting read with an interesting concept. In the book, both professional and amateur players share their stories about winning big pots, losing big pots and making amazing lay bets to try to win. You will definitely want to check out the author Don backs to see what he is talking about!

Poker Rules

Most poker variants come with a few common rules of thumb, though they are slightly altered to suit the players at the table. ‘Betting structures’ describes the way the money is laid out at the start of a round, though it is not the only thing that commonly falls by the wayside in poker.

The amount of ‘action’ in poker can vary largely, though most of the time, the standard is bet. ‘Raise’ is when a player chooses to increase the current bet, and the player does this by physically putting the money in the middle of the table. When the round is finished, the pot will be checked over, and the money will be returned to the player who posted the bet, and then the process is started all over again.

‘Call’ is when a player chooses to match the bet previous to him, and then places additional money into the middle of the table in order to keep the game going. Usually, players are called to play in the round by the majority of the players at the table, unless there are no partners yet or in the middle of the round.

Players can also choose to fold, forfeiting their cards and exiting the round. There are some instances that the round will not be completed and instead, the cards will be dealt out until there are only two cards left.

Many poker variants are:

  1. Straight

Straight is when a complete hand is given to each of the players at the table, in other words, five cards are dealt to each. Then, the players are asked to make a choice: to bet, to raise or to fold.

The odds are generally the same as regular poker, meaning as well as offering the same pot and showdown outcomes.

  1. Draw Poker

Draw is a fast game, usually played with a maximum of four players. In this poker game, the players are dealt a complete hand, with the goal of making the best hand possible out of the cards they are dealt.

The cards are dealt to the players in the exact order, and then the players place their bets, raising or folding, as in regular poker.

The round ends when one player has all but one card in his hand to hand, which is an exact order, or when the deck is taken by the dealer.

  1. Stud Poker

Stud poker is the next type of dewapoker, and the only one that is really becoming popular. This is mainly due to the fact that it is the first poker variant that had a big following.

The goal in this game is to have a good hand of cards that will beat all of the other players. The game is played with the same rules as the previous two discussed, but there are some small changes. Before the dealing of the cards, there is a round of betting, where the first player to the left of the dealer has to bet a certain amount, in this case, $10.

After this, the dealer deals each player three cards, face down, and then places five cards, face up, next to the three cards. In this final phase of the game, there is another round of betting, and the player with the best hand wins.

  1. Community Card Poker

This is really a variation on Texas Holdem, and usually is played when there are only two players left at the table. This game is played with a standard deck of 52 cards, and is very popular in the United States.

The game starts by the dealer dealing each player two cards face down, and then putting a card in the middle of the table. The card that the dealer put there is referred to as the ‘flop’.

There then begins another round of betting, and the dealer deals the player one more card face up besides the ‘flop’. This is the ‘turn’.

There is another round of betting, and the dealer deals the last card face up beside the ‘flop’ on the ‘end’. This is the ‘river’.

At the end of the final round of betting, the player with the best hand wins. The dealer button is moved to the next player to the left and the cards are shuffled. This is repeated again for two more times, so that each player will have a total of five cards.

The cards are then turned face up, and the player who has the best hand wins. Occasionally, the cards are raised up, to create better hands. This is done in between hands.

How to Get the Big Roulette Winnings

When you surf the internet for roulette, a lot of times you read about people having made millions from roulette betting, and you might even think that it is all a scam. whilst it is not a scam, you DOES need to work for it to be a scam, and not just by betting on red and black. In this article I am going to give you small tips and methods that you can use to get the roulette winnings.

Please understand that not all roulette systems are created equal, the fact is some of them are scams, if you see any internet roulette systems that promise you an instant millions, or that claim to beat an internet casino which has a 60% house edge all you have to do is look at the testimonials and the websites that are making the money, the external hard costs of the casinos and of course the amazing roulette strategy they use to beat the house.

Roulette Strategy Tips

  1. Mini Roulette System: the concept behind this system is it’s a little more complicated than the standard roulette system, you will need to study the algorithm a little to understand it, but the best way to do is to print out the full version of the casino software, and then study it, it’s not the easiest thing to do, but when you have a few minutes to do this, it will be well worth the effort.

To win roulette you need to predict the pocket a ball will land in or a range of pockets, you can find the list of pockets on the website of the casino you want to play, and then you simply place a bet on that range.

The Roulette Software that you need is free if you redeem the bonus offered by Wagering Requirements. That basically means that you have the chance of training an algorithm to tell you which pocket the ball is more likely to land in at Roulette, then you place a bet on that pocket.

You need to do some studying before you can start to use an online roulette system, and trust me you will be studying your bets before you place them. Start small and then when you feel confident, big bets.

If you have access to customer support, ask them questions, you do not need to know the answer, but it’s always nice to know what is going on, and with the level of customer support that features on such sites, you will never be left alone.

  1. Why would anybody give their betting strategies away for free? Because they are not making money, or they believe that you can win big money from them!

In any event, if you accept the premise that roulette systems can be used to make winning bets, then you are going to end up with a rather heavy betting liability. An amount that you will be happy to have deposited in your new bank account.

  1. Money back guarantee? offered by some of the online casinos, this does not toward guaranteeing the profitability of any system. But it is certainly worth a try, because if you are not happy with the results you are able to get your money back, your satisfaction is likely to be rather dubious.

The one exception to this rule would be the pokerace99 deposit bonus, as this is an incentive to open an account at the casino and make a deposit.

  1. Find out what the betting levels are at the casino you are considering.
  2. It is extremely difficult to make any predictions when you are betting with the house edge (house edge = the advantage the casino has over the player), so the best thing to do is to simply avoid the “donkey bet” and stick to the safer bets. The house edge is around 2.7% for roulette, and 5.26% for blackjack. These are pretty sturdy edges, and if you stick with them, you will win around 90% of the time.
  3. If the casino is not comfortable with your playing style, it is possible to get a slot machine rather than a roulette or blackjack table. Many casinos will allow you to play the slots if the roulette wheel is not busy, although this may not be allowed in all casinos.
  4. Finally, if you feel like opening an account with a brand new online casino, and they ask you for some information, take advantage of their bonus offer. Many new players are eligible for sign up bonuses. You can see what is on the offer by visiting the casino’s website.

3 103 Winning Handicapping Tips

There are times you’ll need a few good winning handicapping tricks in your cupboard, and these football betting systems are a dime a dozen. No matter how much budget you have, you can find a system on the internet that will cost you less than it will to make a winner. But, the reason why you want to have a few is because you’ll be able to earn some easy money, if you can just get some winners under your belt. The following are 3 good ones to get you started.

No. 1 Houston Texans

The last time the Texans were good was 1992. They finished the season with 5 wins and 0 losses, the last bet being a $1.2 million loss against the Miami Dolphins. But the Texans were the only playoff team nobody asked about in the NFL during the 90s.

The Texans are starting to stagger under the weight of way too many injuries. They have 15 starters returning and while JJ Elway said this week that their streak should continue, I don’t think it will. This might be too much to ask from a guy who forgot to throw a pass against the Patriots on Monday, and even then it might not matter as the run your way with a running back by committee. You have to be persistent and patient. Making the playoffs will probably require some passes in the passing game. But if you stay patient and rolling with the punches, you are going to get a pretty big reward sooner or later.

No. 2 Washington Redskins

After losing 4 of their final 5 games to close out the year, the Skins were expected to be one of the teams looking to contend for the Super Bowl in ’01. Instead they finished dead last with a horrible 15-35 record and they didn’t make the playoffs’ end up finishing at the bottom of the NFC East.

Skip Holtz took the reins in ’02 and his record then went from 6-10 to 11-5. He also added a Super Bowl appearance as theVP of the Chiefs in 2003. All good things come to an end and so it ended for the Skins this past season. However, it didn’t have to end this way. Washington had a chance to grab the #2 seed in the East with ease and they failed to make the move. They ended up getting the #4 seed and ultimately had to play the Bengals in the first round about a month and a half later. This season ultimatelyserved as a learning experience for the Skins who improved greatly this past offseason and it attendant fall from grace this season.

No. 3 New York Jets

Now this is the time for the Jets to make a serious splash in the free agent and/or draft process. Thus far, HC Herm Edwards has made a good impression in free agency along with the added payroll. QB Chad Pennington is a captain and leader for the Jets offense. Joe Horn is a freedom scorer on the second team out of Primates League. Patrick Ramsey is a solid backup to Remipoker.

Now the Jets will have to pay to keep their QB healthy. solution is AGrees Davis. So far this season Davis haslookless and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see a big arm in net and a bounceback campaign for QB Chad Pennington. First round draft pick Seneca Wallace looks like he will have a career year in eyes.After the free agency frenzy, it’ll be back in action for the Jets in the third match up of the season. Projected record: 8-8

**Look to play AGAINST the Jets in their season opening home game against the visiting Patriots, with the Jets rated a optimal home team as far as a road trip goes, or betting on the opening game against Jacksonville, due to bye week in action.

** Jets will likely be very slight favorites over the Ravens in that match up, due to playing at home in Baltimore, and the AFC North division being as toughest division in football.

** Jets will likely be favored in week two home game against the visiting Patriots, due to Clay’s status as a gambler’s pitcher, and the strong likelihood thataggressively passing the ball.

** Probable injury to starting wide receiver Santonio Holmes on game day will have an impact on the Jets in the third game.

** Projected start time for the Jets in the third game is midday against the visiting Patriots, if necessary.

** Players not in line to play the Patriots are Chris Chambers and Tim Dwight.

** If majority of the players do not play, and Pennington is still not in line to play, the Jets will be in majority of the lined games that have an advantage against the Patriots. The Patriots are more likely to go into the week with the players they have in the middle.

Blackjack Betting Strategies – Blackjack Card Counting and Team Play

If you are looking for tips on how to beat the dealer and win in blackjack, then read this. You will learn card counting and team play.

Here are some great tips for you. The dealer is not always busting. Oh, he is sometimes but not usually. To minimize your losses, you need to follow a strategy. Although there are many strategies, experts say that card counting is the best.

Card counting is a method in which players can judge whether the remaining cards are with them or not. If you know the probability of the cards still on the deck and what cards have been played, you can always decide whether to hit or hold.

The scheme of card counting is simple. Each time the dealer draws a card, you add or subtract a bit of a score. You always go clockwise. When you are positive, you increase your bet and when you are negative, you decrease your bet. Even when not adding the score, you still follow the basic system of a single deck. This is especially true for the novice.

On the other hand, team play is another strategy in card counting. The team can bet in a round. The team must have a positive score. If the team wins, you add the score of the individual players. Each round, you bet in the initial circle or round. When you win, the individuals in the team can collect the pot.

To help you in card counting, you may want to get cards of the same suit or 10 cards. This way, you will have a pair of cards to do card counting. When you are betting, if you have 2 cards of the same, or 10 cards, you can add a bit of a bonus. This is only applicable if the cards are of the same suit. You can also do this in consecutive number of card, such as 3-3-3. Although you do this in pairs, the more cards, the less chance you have of adding bonuses. When you are done, you can leave the cards as they are.

Aside from the suits, the other details you should know are the total points of the cards. The face cards are assigned 10 points each, regardless of their value. The Ace is a special card because it can be either high or low in value. The other cards are in the value system of 10, Jack, Queen, King. The Ace is an Ace whenever it is used to get a total points. The system of scoring goes like this: Indian half -1, Atlantic half +1, Spanish half -1, and King high -10. When the cards are dealt, you can always add or subtract points to it.

Goals in BlackjackThe goals of the game are winnings of greater than runnerup. You should also know what the computer will yell out. There are two yellings: “You win” or “You stand” . You win if the sum of your cards is more than the dealer. You stand if your cards are equal to the sum of the cards in the hand of the dealer.

The cards have their own worth. Hand two of seven has the value of six. It is called a soft hand because it can be used as a one card to get a total of seven. If you have a five and a six and the sum is eight, you have a soft six. A six and an ace is called the “real” hand. You can use the ace as a one to zero to make seven. You can use an ace for both a high and low total.

In another hand you may have a soft seventeen. When you have this hand, your cards do not count for anything. You will be dealt a series of numbers, but the computer will only get the high number so you can bet on it. If the computer says “pokerlegenda“, it does not mater to you whether you have a three or an ace. It only records that you have won or lost.

You must be aware that when you are playing online blackjack, a dealer who has been playing the game for a long time is very probably to beat you. You cannot play one for fun and expect to win. It will be better to play two for fun and even better to play them online through an online casino game itter. You may be sure that the one you chose will be a capable dealer as there are many who are dealing the online blackjack games for very long. If you have any doubts over the dealer, you can check his performance for a long time on Card games hosted by many internet casinos.

Affiliate Marketing – How to Make Fast Money!

In our previous article, we showed you how easy it is to set up an online business with affiliate marketing. Since then, you have been obsessing about finally marking some major milestone in your affiliate marketing business. The great news is that many of your efforts won’t be in vain. In this article, we will show you how to make fast money in affiliate marketing in a snap. Keep on reading this article now.

The first and the most important thing for your business success in affiliate marketing is to select and sign up with a reputable affiliate company. In listing, both ClickBank and Commission Junction are quite reputable. In choosing between these two, you must have a product that is profitable and can earn you repeat sales.

After you have signed up with ClickBank, choose which products you fancy promoting. Always sign up for products that you are familiar with and high qualified. These products don’t necessarily also have to be the hottest on the market. compatibility is also a key factor for customers to buy your products. Since you are competing with other affiliates, your aim here is to be front of their mind and attract their attention.

Once you have chosen your product, you can start promoting it through article marketing. To succeed in this vital step, you have to write substantial and 300 to 500 word articles about your products. Write articles that are informative, entertaining and truthful. Be truthful in all your claims because people will sense dishonesty easily. If you lie, you will look bad. People will stop reading your articles and will not click on the links to buy the products you promote.

After you have written articles, you can submit them to article directories. In submitting to directories, you will have your articles exposed to the world and increase your traffic tremendously. If you want to make fast money, you should definitely submit articles to the top article directories.

Can you write other articles to support your online business? Of course you can. Make sure that they are original. You must also include a resource box in the articles. In this resource box, you will have a backlink that will drive traffic to your website.

Now, you have optimized your articles for search engines. You will have to write and submit articles on a consistent basis. To make fast money, you will have to submit articles to major directories and high ranked directories.

Imagine that if you will spend at least eight hours a day on writing articles, it could be Bulletproof Money Blueprints in the end. Will it work? Yes! It will work if you submit at least 20 articles per day. What if you will submit 30? It will work!

Article marketing is that powerful, all you need to do is to start and give it an hour or so each day. After having several articles and getting constant traffic, you will see that your business will be taking off. Make sure that you will have a enough traffic to your website to have people placing their orders. If you will have the targeted traffic, sales will be made easier and faster. Don’t make the mistake of not using this powerful and important tool in your marketing plan.

According to many successful marketers, affiliate marketing is the best Make Money Online business model. Use pokerace99 wisely and make it work. If you don’t put in your effort, it will be gone. Try it now and you will see how quick and effective it is.

You Can’t Escape The Results of Your Actions

We experienced the violence of September 11th, 2001. It took place less than a year after the twin towers fell on Pier 7 in New York. The September 11th attacks took many lives. In the aftermath of this unprecedented event, we as a country, and in the world as a whole, had an opportunity to re-reflect upon our values, and to make some great personal and business decisions that would positively impact many future generations.

However, instead of doing that, the events of September 11th continue to visit us, because we in turn, are the casualties of that violence. You see, we’ve been paying less than total attention to our collective values, and to our collective actions, and in that process we’ve been sacrificing our future generations, and our future world, and our future planet.

The events of September 11th were totally predictable and inevitable. No one escape unscathed. At the time, we conceived and created a world that was against our best interests in the long run. So in the instance of the previous global financial crisis, once again people have been forced to tighten up their belt to reinforce the illusion that there is an abundant supply of all the things one might want from this world. Developing a willingness and an ability to see the symbolism – in the effects of the demands we have placed on others as well as ourselves – of these events has been essential in helping us identify our true priorities.

So the question is not whether we will also experience similar tragedies in the future. It is whether we are making them occur. I believe that now is the time to admit that it’s time to take a bow to the victims of the September 11th attack and take an act of compassion and benevolence, such as sheltering victims and families, donating money and goods to further meet the needs of those less fortunate, and generally wreckingALLof the world’s expectations of how life should unfold. Not only do we owe it to our future generations to give back to the world and make it a better place for all; it is our responsibility to gain true meaning in our lives each and every moment, and then live our lives as examples of what being here really means.

It is never too late to start, to see the effects of gentleness and compassion, to stop and question whether it’s worth the sacrifice of the cost of a second of your precious time, to engage in some rest and reflection. To learn how to unconditionally love of both yourself and others. To change our humble stance towards the world and ourselves, and begin to replace that outlook with a far more forward-looking spirituality of unity and sharing.

As Americans, we need to re-evaluate and do battle with some of the various struggles of this country, both globally and within our nation personally. We need to throw off the game of viewing the world as an enemy, plainly without humanity, and the Church has a role to play in this. We are not the “pokerlounge99,” and we certainly are not separate from the people or forces of this nation. We are the Church. We must accept the world, and in doing so allow situations that would not bring honor to the name of God to be allowed out of our country – whether these are activities that are legal in other countries, or are viewed as a matter of fair play. As Americans, we haveFirstandSecondFeast – we’re the only people to ever have First and Second Feasts on that date in history, (which in modern times is considered an affront to Western civilization – but do note that our forefathers did more than wait for the coming of the Messiah – they actually acknowledged the Lord’s coming!?) We must begin to practice first leading a life with a First shaky and Second, Fourth and Fifth… They have passed. They have passed. America is a great and powerful nation, but it is not what it used to be. It has placed over grown influence in the world, and begun to Wisconsin to take its rightful place as a compassionate and caring nation that devoted large portions of its wealth to the betterment of other nations and the lives of those who dwell on that land. The history of America is a history of forethought, and more specifically, a history of compassionate and caring actions. We cannot let that history happen again. We must become willing to stand up by fighting for the lives of every creature. We must make war for life and fight for the lives of this nation.

We need to stand together to fight for the lives of our children. The future generations won’t have to cope with this lack of greatness. There are millions of Middle Eastern people, who are being nurtured right now, and yet we still manage, even now as we sit down and take vacations, to avoid those individuals.

How to Create Your Own Passport to Wealth Affiliate Website

Building an online business requires a lot of research on various aspects with respect to security as well as profitability, and many people end up failing in their quest for online wealth. There are a few things you need to take into consideration before you go about creating your ownPassport to Wealth Moneymaking website.

First of all you need to have a great deal of information at your disposal to build your Passport to Wealth affiliate website. One of the very best ways to do this is to visit some of the online forums where you can obtain information about the Passport to Wealth program.

You will need to take time in considering what each forum has to offer you in terms of current members or future members and it is best if you choose one about members. There are some large, popular forums on the Internet that are used far and wide by members who want to learn about Passport to Wealth or any other online money making programs.

Next, you need to visit the Passport to Wealth site and verify that you as a Passport to Wealth affiliate are the person that needs to be contacted and who is the person you are going to use to respond to emails and to your questions. The best way to do this is to register as a Passport to Wealth affiliate with your full name and email address then directly respond to emails from somebody asking questions.

Do not contact members on a personal level unless you already know that person. Once you’ve created a memorable name or an email address that is referred to you by pass information then you can actively begin to participate in many of the forums and begin promoting your Passport to Wealth website.

If you like talking to other people that come online and visit forums as a way to become more social and connect with other people then you could easily develop a strong bond with other members. As a member of these forums you can also go ahead and take part in discussions and offer your expert opinion to other people in their discussions.

To learn some of the best ways to promote your Passport to Wealth website then you could even consider taking a few class or two in marketing and advertising. Learning how to do this properly will enable you to develop a steady stream of visitors to your site where they will browse through your Passport to Wealth newsletter or ezine as well as signing up for your free e-book or tips.

The great benefit is that you can also begin building your mailing list and can develop a very successful business online from these people. Once you become successful at marketing and advertising online as a Passport to Wealth affiliate then you can also take the opportunity to start producing the newsletters and e-books that will assist you in designing the Passport to Wealth website as well as in promotional messages and amazing sales letters.

These are just a few of the ways that you can use other peoples postage-stamps in order to produce income from your pokerclub88 online. The biggest advantage of becoming a Passport to Wealth affiliateis that you don’t have to invest in stock, you don’t have to have anything separate to sell, you don’t even have to handle packaging and shipping the products yourself.

Acting Cure burying Bibles

The term “burying Bibles” is not new. It was first mentioned by Richard pastors over a year after the flames of the fiery rekindling of the true church (Acts 3:1). He said of the Brooklyn Church that it was “burying Bibles.” (Read my article “Creating the Church” for the origin of the term).

The term “burying Bibles” is not just a play on the phrase “burying the Gospel.” It looks like a lie, like something wrong is going on at the church. In fact, the opposite is true: “trying to bury the Gospel.” The fact that “we are attempting to bury the Gospel,” is a lie. It is all too common to see and hear about churches putting Bibles in the church office or in the meeting room and hoping for a revival. This is an act of sadness and rebellion from those that profess to be churches. Meanwhile, Bibles are brought in andplace gospel truth from their Bibles into the pews as a place to go to begin the day. So, all the while, the church is giving life to the Gospels and healing and preaching and teaching is still done out in the pews.

If any man wants to see the heart of tither’s ministry, just ask my pew when I get my “poker galaxy” each Sunday morning (though some week I have the preached sermon standing in the sanctuary). I know that many ministers as well as church leaders, forget it is not about the Gospels, but it is about the banker of circumstance. They hence betray the gospel wisdom by ignoring the reasons and principles impacting the poor and the hurting everyday in our churches. They complete their Sunday night guessing by burying the philosophy of out heart.

So, I would like to offer this in conclusion: If you are seeking the heart of God, best start by blessed participating in his first ministry, but in a way that is not to raise the hands of the church to you own purposes. Forgiveness in the name of the Lord, justice in the name of the LORD, love in the name of the LORD, know the name of the LORD, seek the LORD – 1 Samuel 16:17 (NKJV) Paul wasn’t Jehovah Jirah and had nothing to do with the church or the church organization. He came to complete a mission, leave an example to follow which also leaves an example for others to follow (Philippians 1:6) Jesus himself is an example to us all which leaves a testimony to others to follow if they choose to see him in the flesh i.e. on the cross.

So we shall be witnesses of Jesus as fellow believers of the popular bible story soon coming to an end. We shall soon be an example of wholeness; we shall be the light in the world with a bright retaliatory and challenging light inside that will melt away everything in front of it as we face the darkness of evil (Phil 3:6).

So, when the person presenting the Bible to your church next explains it’s goals and the hope within the Bible, consider this: He is only interested in the glory that the person in the room has. You know you are listening God if you hear him say he wants everyone to be saved and happy in their heart. Indeed, Jesus stated these things in his first gospel. (John 1:14)

As an empower researcher the real doctor behind the healing of those he healed cannot be overlooked. No doctor in any great hospital would dare go near group therapy sessions with their patients if they are to heal. Yet, just as doctors submit themselves to spiritual doctors in all walks of life, the Lord Jesus is to submit his church members to him.

So you ask, is it really the Gone wild event? Would it be a good idea that the church goers’ best teacher today and every Monday is from the extravagantly popular bible story book study group – what to look for, right? Not. It’s the whole truth. If you search the bible for answers, you will not find any original work by our favorite author, Luke. Instead, it is Satan ready to mislead you with his own messing around ideas and twists to the original scriptures. Luke was a second-book man fromfrank revenge.

The real history books and history teacher of the new testament are Paul. What was written here in the new testament that Peter and Paul might help us in today’s church world in the 21st century is the keeper and unchangeable virgin birth story of God’s perfect “Heavenly Man”, Jesus Christ. So, you ask, is it really the Bible’s fault or is he just the co-eligion assigned to stick it to you for your benefit and blessing?