Every poker player should know that you have to start playing before you can really say that you are an advanced poker player. The trick is to start playing when you are still a beginner. You have to learn by doing. If you think that the game is easy then the truth is that it isn’t. If you think that the game is easy and uninteresting you will spend less time on it and will know precisely the rules.

Start playing with low stakes. You have to start with low-stake games, sometimes the stakes are so low that you can see 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-0. And this is the starting place of every poker player. You have to learn precisely the fundamentals of poker, if you want to become a good poker player.

If you see a situation in which you need a large amount of funds you should not use it to just test the poker variant. Use those funds to build a bankroll the size of which is suitable for the game you want to be part of. If you want to be part of the World Series of Poker you should play on the higher levels. Every time you play you should increase your stack by some amount.

The majority of leaks in poker happen because of the lack of focus. If you have the desire to become a good poker player you should fight all the odds and learn every lesson you can get at every time you can. You lose if you don’t. Read some books, watch some videos, login to the net with a lot of money and play tens of tables at once. When you play for no limits enter the tournament you will win the game all the time if you are in a good place.

If you want to be in a position where you win a lot of money every time you should be playing in wild servers, play in as many tables as possible, be aggressive and be aware of all the odd possibilities. Also, when you play in the low buy-in servers, you can afford to lose and should not wait to win.

There is no exactible formula to become a good poker player. You can only teach yourself. When you play from the beginning to the end and you learn your lesson you will be a good poker player. Your memory will Forget all the things that you have learned. You will repeat and play your anniversary. But, there are only rare experiences. I remember a lot of players who played every hour and never won a game. From the beginning of poker to now, the same poker strategy will not help you to win a game. If you think that the reason for that is because the other players are not experienced. Think about it, if you are not winning because of your strategy why do you think you will be better after playing for a long time on your own.

Sometimes you can prematurely end a tournament because it is a bonus game and you see that you lost a big all-in with some hands. Or you can see that you got a small hand with a strange board and make a bet in hopes to get a free card to make a real hand. Most often you will not get a free card. Sometimes you will, but only just to hang on and lose another big all-in or less. It’s scary to see other people who do the same thing even if they don’t explain it to you.

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