The online poker sites would have you believe that their software is fair for all players. In fact many of the online poker sites are required to submit their software for rigorous testing to prove it is a fair for all players game for all players. So having a fair game for all players is their mission.

However I have some questions about their fairness and I want to hear the answers.

I will start off by talking about a common complaint from players. Randomly shuffled cards are called a bad beat. It’s never my fault since I didn’t make a mistake, it’s the poker site’s fault. I was once guilty of getting a bad beat when I had A-K against A-Q and I decided that was the end of the hand. I never make the mistake again because I know the difference between a bad beat and an unbelievable bad beat.

A-K is a hand that is an easy match-up for most players. In fact, it is often a hand we will find has a very good payout. This is the exact reason why this hand is also called the “Achilles Hand.”

The ankle bit is an overpair comprised of a high card and another card which is just below top pair but not the highest. If played properly in position and against an opponent holding a weaker hand than you are in position, you can trap him into a situation where if he hits the river, you will have him dominated and we will be sitting pretty with top pair!

Just remember,-Never go to war with a Sicilian.

My other questions include:

  • Why do I always see so many different pocket pairs? Why is pre-flop raising with pocket 2’s so predictable?

If you raise pre-flop with pocket 2’s in position you will always get a call. Why? Because most people calling pre-flop with pocket 2’s are not confident they can win the hand. It’s a known fact that A-2 will beat Q-2, 2-3 will beat A-K, 3-4 will beat A-Q, but top pair way out JavaScript. They can’t push with these hands pre-flop and if you make a big pre-flop raise and they call you, well that’s just to drain your bankroll.

If I am calling pre-flop with pocket 2’s why is it important to drive everyone out with a big raise pre-flop? If I raise with pocket 2’s and the flop is a really dry board, really low cards, there is little chance of a straights or flushes falling and I can get a lot of money in the pot and still double up if I hit my set. Of course you can’t win all the time with top pair, but being dominant and aggressive is really what we are after here.

  • So why is A-A the most dominant two cards in dewalive?

A-A is the first most powerful two cards you can possibly have. It is an inherent fact that when you have A-A in your hand you are a nearly 80% favorite to win the hand. The only drawback is you may not win the hand (especially in a 6 or 7 sum game).

  • Why does A-A beat all other hands?

When you have A-A, the odds tend to be 9:1 against your opponent having a better hand, the only problem being if your opponent has A-Q or K-J. But this is still a very strong hand worth a raise.

When you have A-Q, the odds slant a little more in your favor as you have the option of playing it as a straight or a flush if an Ace or King comes on the flop. Also, if no one else has an Ace or King, you can make a strong bluff and of course still have the best hand with A-A.

  • Why does A-K dominate other hands?

A-K has huge drawing potential and presents you the opportunity to attach your opponent very securely to a big hand. As well as having the best starting hand, the Ace/King combination on the flop gives you excellent possibilities for building a big pot.

The only drawback with A-K is, as mentioned above, it makes your hand less strong if an Ace or King comes on the flop, so it is not the best hand from the Coxcomb School of Poker.

  • Why does A-Q dominate other hands?

A-Q has enormous drawing potential and present you with some strong outs to a big hand. Unlike with A-K, you will have to open the pot rather wide, but since your odds of winning sit very low, it is worth it.