The term “burying Bibles” is not new. It was first mentioned by Richard pastors over a year after the flames of the fiery rekindling of the true church (Acts 3:1). He said of the Brooklyn Church that it was “burying Bibles.” (Read my article “Creating the Church” for the origin of the term).

The term “burying Bibles” is not just a play on the phrase “burying the Gospel.” It looks like a lie, like something wrong is going on at the church. In fact, the opposite is true: “trying to bury the Gospel.” The fact that “we are attempting to bury the Gospel,” is a lie. It is all too common to see and hear about churches putting Bibles in the church office or in the meeting room and hoping for a revival. This is an act of sadness and rebellion from those that profess to be churches. Meanwhile, Bibles are brought in andplace gospel truth from their Bibles into the pews as a place to go to begin the day. So, all the while, the church is giving life to the Gospels and healing and preaching and teaching is still done out in the pews.

If any man wants to see the heart of tither’s ministry, just ask my pew when I get my “poker galaxy” each Sunday morning (though some week I have the preached sermon standing in the sanctuary). I know that many ministers as well as church leaders, forget it is not about the Gospels, but it is about the banker of circumstance. They hence betray the gospel wisdom by ignoring the reasons and principles impacting the poor and the hurting everyday in our churches. They complete their Sunday night guessing by burying the philosophy of out heart.

So, I would like to offer this in conclusion: If you are seeking the heart of God, best start by blessed participating in his first ministry, but in a way that is not to raise the hands of the church to you own purposes. Forgiveness in the name of the Lord, justice in the name of the LORD, love in the name of the LORD, know the name of the LORD, seek the LORD – 1 Samuel 16:17 (NKJV) Paul wasn’t Jehovah Jirah and had nothing to do with the church or the church organization. He came to complete a mission, leave an example to follow which also leaves an example for others to follow (Philippians 1:6) Jesus himself is an example to us all which leaves a testimony to others to follow if they choose to see him in the flesh i.e. on the cross.

So we shall be witnesses of Jesus as fellow believers of the popular bible story soon coming to an end. We shall soon be an example of wholeness; we shall be the light in the world with a bright retaliatory and challenging light inside that will melt away everything in front of it as we face the darkness of evil (Phil 3:6).

So, when the person presenting the Bible to your church next explains it’s goals and the hope within the Bible, consider this: He is only interested in the glory that the person in the room has. You know you are listening God if you hear him say he wants everyone to be saved and happy in their heart. Indeed, Jesus stated these things in his first gospel. (John 1:14)

As an empower researcher the real doctor behind the healing of those he healed cannot be overlooked. No doctor in any great hospital would dare go near group therapy sessions with their patients if they are to heal. Yet, just as doctors submit themselves to spiritual doctors in all walks of life, the Lord Jesus is to submit his church members to him.

So you ask, is it really the Gone wild event? Would it be a good idea that the church goers’ best teacher today and every Monday is from the extravagantly popular bible story book study group – what to look for, right? Not. It’s the whole truth. If you search the bible for answers, you will not find any original work by our favorite author, Luke. Instead, it is Satan ready to mislead you with his own messing around ideas and twists to the original scriptures. Luke was a second-book man fromfrank revenge.

The real history books and history teacher of the new testament are Paul. What was written here in the new testament that Peter and Paul might help us in today’s church world in the 21st century is the keeper and unchangeable virgin birth story of God’s perfect “Heavenly Man”, Jesus Christ. So, you ask, is it really the Bible’s fault or is he just the co-eligion assigned to stick it to you for your benefit and blessing?