Ultimate Bet is recognized as the best poker room on the internet for its amazing bonus on sign up, loyalty program, tournaments and great promotions. Even though the software program installed was a bit criticized in the previous days, now each player appreciates its excellence. The website has raised its effectiveness in the typical poker room towards the specialized state of art of technology in software program. Immediately right after signing up, the enjoyable within the Ultimate Bet begins, as you cannot get such poker table, everywhere else online.

UltimateBet is considered as a single between the huge poker rooms that it’s capable of holding 25,000 avid gamers, simultaneously. Although, Texas Holdem may be the most favored one, Seven Card Stud and Omaha as well are played by numerous. But being the industry leader, UltimateBet passes each of them. A huge number of cash games and tournaments are held each day.

Prima Poker, the company behind UltimateBet, had taken a unique decision to couple poker with sports betting. That is why, the website is best known for it’s rainy day over day promotions, which it debuted to great applause. Even though the promotions were less spectacular, the poker promotions were little poorer. At the time of this writing (02/21/2009), the website has earned $US1.67 million in the previous day.

UltimateBet bonus is one of the reasons for the company’s unprecedented growth. Unlike in other websites, where the bonuses are primarily designed to be used to gain entry to the site, Ultimate Bet offers the bonus to you because you support the product and share the website’s passion. The website demonstrates its commitment to you, trusting you completely with their product, so you know that they are motivated to help you become successful.

Even though the poker room has been around for a long time, the UltimateBet bonus is relatively new. Other websites that offer poker bonuses offer you a lifetime bonus, whereas UltimateBet is rolling it over for a month. What’s more, the website offers a good deposit bonus for your 2 first deposit. You earn $US1,000 * (1 from initial deposit and $ from each bonus included in your account) = $1,000 in bonus money.

Can You Avoid Getting the Bonus?

You can’t avoid getting the bonus. Regardless of how big or small the bonus is, it remains a Promotional Bonus out of loyalty to the website. Assuming you don’t have an account with Dewacasino when placing your deposit, you won’t get the bonus.

Still, the referral program is a good deal. You earn a commission for referring players, and also get the bonus. The commission is substantially higher, so you earn more from the bonus.

Don’t get too conceited, though. You’re better off floating solitary than in a syndicate. At the end of the day, you have to do your best to beat other players in the play-rooms, especially the professionals. Besides, you can’t expect to win away the $1,000,000 jackpot. Chances are that you’ll have to end up playing with a high-rollers, those who are prepared to go all in to have the pot as big as it can be.

Wait a minute, you say – five guys on their way to collect $1,000,000? It’s true – in fact, it’s more than normal. The world of poker is unpredictable. But, in that case, who cares if we win or lose it all. We won’t have to wait too long; poker is a game that can go at any moment of the day, if the player wishes.

So, call it a night, collect your winnings and prepare the children (or else) for bed. Carry on, and don’t return home until you are ready to wake up for work. What’s that? We need to collect the winnings first and the children are sleeping in their own beds. That’s the way it is in the best casinos on earth!