The love for gambling doesn’t mean falling into complications, but the fact that one should know the moves doesn’t get a denial altogether. With this article we aim to help the novice gambler find his way in the casino. We begin with the three most popular bets, on the table bets, and then moves on to advice for table selection.

There is a common aver saying that the house always wins, but nobody totals the profit. There are some casino players that although they know the rules of craps, they think they canisson bet on the game because it looks easy. This is your worst enemy in the casino because as we crucially discovered doesn’t mean it easy.

In craps the casino has a built-in advantage that you can not overcome, no matter what bets you combine. Some casinos offer the worst possible bets in the casino, while others offer the best possible bets. The fact is that no matter what bets you combine, the house can always win. Even with the dodgy bets, the casino still has a consistent advantage over the players.

What bets can a player choose from?

There are basically three types of bets that can be made in casino craps.

  1. The pass line bet, which is the most common bet in craps.
  2. The don’t pass line bet, which is the second most common bet in craps.
  3. The odds bet, which is the third most common bet in craps.

All the bets above are also referred to as proposition bets.

A. The pass line bet is best for the shooter because it is the most straightforward way to bet. The bet is set up with the same number, the dice are rolled, and the player bets that number for or against the dice roll.

The pass line bet is sometimes referred to as a come bet. When a new shooter is rolling the dice a large majority of times rolling a five or a six will result in a win for the shooter. This is a terrible betting play and many players fail to understand it. What the player should be betting on is either the four and 10 (the odds bets) or the five and nine (the odds bets). By betting against the hard way four and ten the casino collects an edge over the player, but most importantly the casino wins. The casino wins because of the come bet, and most importantly the player loses.

The correct way to play craps is betting with the Pokerboya. This increases your odds of winning, and the best way to do this is by betting correctly on pass line and odds bets.

B. There is a new technique in craps developed by a team of MIT students. They have discovered that instead of making a seven (which is the most common number that results in a win) you can bet against the hard ways. Each hard number bet is a 1 to 1 proposition (2 to 1 payout). For example, if you place a $5 bet on the hard 4 and the shooter rolls a six, you win and the dealer only wins because of the seven, not because of the six.

This technique is great, if you can stick to it. The casinos are going to bring you in many more money if you continue to place the same bets as the shooter (that is, place the seven). The reason for this is that it is bet number four and gives the house a 4.7% edge over the player. By betting against the hard way 4 and 10 you now have a house edge of only about 2.3%.

You should expect to lose money at these bets as the house edge increases. The table will hit the four and ten more often than you will hit your bets, which will cost you more money.

If you stick with these basic rules of betting, you can be a successful casino player. However, if you do not, you can fall into the trap of chasing your money, while the casinos go to great lengths to lure you in. Do not become a statistic on this topic, as it will only bring you nowhere but broke.