There are times you’ll need a few good winning handicapping tricks in your cupboard, and these football betting systems are a dime a dozen. No matter how much budget you have, you can find a system on the internet that will cost you less than it will to make a winner. But, the reason why you want to have a few is because you’ll be able to earn some easy money, if you can just get some winners under your belt. The following are 3 good ones to get you started.

No. 1 Houston Texans

The last time the Texans were good was 1992. They finished the season with 5 wins and 0 losses, the last bet being a $1.2 million loss against the Miami Dolphins. But the Texans were the only playoff team nobody asked about in the NFL during the 90s.

The Texans are starting to stagger under the weight of way too many injuries. They have 15 starters returning and while JJ Elway said this week that their streak should continue, I don’t think it will. This might be too much to ask from a guy who forgot to throw a pass against the Patriots on Monday, and even then it might not matter as the run your way with a running back by committee. You have to be persistent and patient. Making the playoffs will probably require some passes in the passing game. But if you stay patient and rolling with the punches, you are going to get a pretty big reward sooner or later.

No. 2 Washington Redskins

After losing 4 of their final 5 games to close out the year, the Skins were expected to be one of the teams looking to contend for the Super Bowl in ’01. Instead they finished dead last with a horrible 15-35 record and they didn’t make the playoffs’ end up finishing at the bottom of the NFC East.

Skip Holtz took the reins in ’02 and his record then went from 6-10 to 11-5. He also added a Super Bowl appearance as theVP of the Chiefs in 2003. All good things come to an end and so it ended for the Skins this past season. However, it didn’t have to end this way. Washington had a chance to grab the #2 seed in the East with ease and they failed to make the move. They ended up getting the #4 seed and ultimately had to play the Bengals in the first round about a month and a half later. This season ultimatelyserved as a learning experience for the Skins who improved greatly this past offseason and it attendant fall from grace this season.

No. 3 New York Jets

Now this is the time for the Jets to make a serious splash in the free agent and/or draft process. Thus far, HC Herm Edwards has made a good impression in free agency along with the added payroll. QB Chad Pennington is a captain and leader for the Jets offense. Joe Horn is a freedom scorer on the second team out of Primates League. Patrick Ramsey is a solid backup to Remipoker.

Now the Jets will have to pay to keep their QB healthy. solution is AGrees Davis. So far this season Davis haslookless and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see a big arm in net and a bounceback campaign for QB Chad Pennington. First round draft pick Seneca Wallace looks like he will have a career year in eyes.After the free agency frenzy, it’ll be back in action for the Jets in the third match up of the season. Projected record: 8-8

**Look to play AGAINST the Jets in their season opening home game against the visiting Patriots, with the Jets rated a optimal home team as far as a road trip goes, or betting on the opening game against Jacksonville, due to bye week in action.

** Jets will likely be very slight favorites over the Ravens in that match up, due to playing at home in Baltimore, and the AFC North division being as toughest division in football.

** Jets will likely be favored in week two home game against the visiting Patriots, due to Clay’s status as a gambler’s pitcher, and the strong likelihood thataggressively passing the ball.

** Probable injury to starting wide receiver Santonio Holmes on game day will have an impact on the Jets in the third game.

** Projected start time for the Jets in the third game is midday against the visiting Patriots, if necessary.

** Players not in line to play the Patriots are Chris Chambers and Tim Dwight.

** If majority of the players do not play, and Pennington is still not in line to play, the Jets will be in majority of the lined games that have an advantage against the Patriots. The Patriots are more likely to go into the week with the players they have in the middle.